solarisrising2So busy with stuff I hadn’t noticed that the table of contents for Solaris Rising 2 had been announced. I’m chuffed to be in this book alongside a list of very fine writers.

I’m only slightly worried that I’m the one whose been stuck in to make everyone else look good.

Still, it’s a very good content list and Ian Whates has done an impressive job of putting it together. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

  1. “Tom” by Paul Cornell
  2. “More” by Nancy Kress
  3. “Shall Inherit” by James Lovegrove
  4. “Feast and Famine” by Adrian Tchaikovsky
  5. “Whatever Skin You Wear” by Eugie Foster
  6. “Pearl in the Shell” by Neil Williamson
  7. “The Time Gun” by Nick Harkaway
  8. “When Thomas Jefferson Dined Alone” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  9. “Bonds” by Robert Reed
  10. “Ticking” by Allen Steele
  11. “Before Hope” by Kim Lakin-Smith
  12. “The Spires of Greme” by Kay Kenyon
  13. “Manmade” by Mercurio D. Rivera
  14. “The Circle of Least Confusion” by Martin Sketchley
  15. “Far Distant Suns” by Norman Spinrad
  16. “The Lighthouse” by Liz Williams
  17. “The First Dance” by Martin McGrath
  18. “Still Life with Skull” by Mike Allen
  19. “With Fate Conspire” by Vandana Singh

Discovering that I was in a book with the man who wrote Bug Jack Barron had me dancing around the room in a distinctly foolish fashion.

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