I have been a working journalist and editor since 1992. I worked as commissioning editor on newsstand magazines and as a press officer and editor on a variety of in-house publications including work in the NHS and for trade unions.

On this site I have included some examples of my journalism. It is divided up into the following categories.


Examples of some of the features I have written for a range of magazines. The topics covered range from trade union politics to science fiction.


I have been fortunate enough to interview a number of interesting subjects over recent years, this page includes a number of those interviews.


I have written news stories for a variety of publications, this page includes some of those stories.


I have written many reviews. For a number of years I was the film reviewer for the magazine Matrix – produced by the British Science Fiction Association – and also wrote a column called “Tapes from the Crypt” for that magazine. This section also includes a selection of other reviews including book, magazine and television reviews.


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