My story, “Proper Little Soldier” was published a while ago by Ian Whates in his book Conflicts, which has recently been reviewed at the Pornokitsch website. This is what they said about my efforts…

Martin McGrath’s “Proper Little Soldiers” follows a young woman and her friends as they prowl a post-invasion landscape, fleeing their alien hunters. Mr. McGrath’s succinct prose leaves the horrors of the recent past to the imagination and instead focuses on the current predicament. The aliens hunt by echolocation and the scene where they’ve pinned down the protagonist is one of the most harrowing in the entire collection. Mr. McGrath concludes on a properly cinematic “we will rise again” sort of mantra, including the mandatory partner note of “…but at what cost?”.

I think that’s good. It’s nice to be harrowing, isn’t it?

Read the full review of all the stories in Conflicts here

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