So I was going to look back at the books I’d read last year, but everyone does that and why the hell would you be interested anyway? Instead, here’s a list of some of the books I’m looking forward to reading during 2012… any suggestions about what I might be missing are welcome.

Taft 2012 – Jason Heller
Blueprints of the Afterlife – Ryan Boudinot
The Fat Years – Chan Koonchung
Railsea – China Mievelle
Intrusion – Ken MacLeod (I noticed Niall Harrison already has this. This does not make me happy!)
Empty Space: A Space Adventure – M John Harrison
Blue Remembered Earth – Alastair Reynolds
2312 – Kim Stanley Robinson
In the Mouth of a Whale – Paul McAuley
Transmission – John Meaney
Jack Glass – Adam Roberts
The Apocalypse Codex – Charles Stross
Long Earth – Pratchett & Baxter
Black Opera – Mary Gentle
The New Chris Priest (Adjacent?) – I think I read this was coming out in 2012…
The Outcast Blade – Jon Courtenay Grimwood
Sharps – KJ Parker

Dividing the Spoils: The War for Alexander’s Great Empire – Robin Waterfield
Alexander’s Veterans and the Early Wars of the Successors – Joseph Roisman
The Landmark Arrian: The Campaigns of Alexander – James S. Romm
The Spartan Army (Stackpole Military History) – J. F. Lazenby
Ancient Greece: A Political, Social, and Cultural History
– Prof Sarah B. Pomeroy et al
Money, Labour and Land: Approaches to the Economics of Ancient Greece – Paul Cartledge, Edward E. Cohen and Lin Foxhall
The End of Empire: Attila the Hun and the Fall of Rome – Christopher Kelly

Last Myth: What the Rise of Apocalyptic Thinking Tells Us about America – M Barrett Gross and Mel Giles
News on the Internet: Information and Citizenship in the 21st Century – David Tewksbury and Jason Rittenberg
Politics and the Emotions: The Affective Turn in Contemporary Political Studies – Simon Thompson and Paul Hoggett
Defending Politics: Why Democracy Matters in the 21st Century – Matthew Flinders
Essays on Neuroscience and Political Theory: Thinking the Body Politic – F. Vander Valk
Marx Through Post-Structuralism: Lyotard, Derrida, Foucault, Deleuze – Simon Choat

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