The latest issue of Focus is almost ready to go to the printers (along with another bumper Vector – hopefully they will be with members by the end of the month – barring delays and disasters.

Copies are available to BSFA members – if you’d like to read Focus, Vector and all the other cool stuff the BSFA produces go here and join now…

As well as my usual, scintillating and thrilling editorial (I know that’s the only reason you all pick up the magazine), the line-up for Focus 57 includes:

How to Get a Book Deal on Twitter
Adam Christopher explains how social media helped him sell his novels.

Still got the Blues for You
Alastair Reynolds on the connections that make a story.

The Masters of the Universe
Middlesex University now offers an MA in Creative Writing specifically aimed at SF&F authors. Course leader David Rain and students Paul Graham Raven & Gary Budgen provide some perspective.

Masterclass 8: Structure
Christopher Priest discusses this often misunderstood aspect the writer’s craft.

News from Orbit
Updates from the BSFA’s writing groups.

Writing Strategies in Difficult Times
Do you find it hard to find the time to write? Keith Brooke has some advice.

Real Writers…
Lavie Tidhar explains what it’s really like to be a professional writer.

Forgetting to Breathe
David L Clements, extreme astronomer.

Showing and Telling
Dev Agarwal reassesses some common advice.

Poems from the Stars

And Finally… Dischisms
Is the real world invading your fantasies?

I’m pleased with how the issue is shaping up – I hope you enjoy it.

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